Ken Brooks, RM3

Ken Brooks, RM3

Postby KenBrooks RM3 on Thu Oct 09, 2008 1:00 pm

Howdy, I am from Texas (Odessa), spent two (2) years, give or take, aboard the Black in
1963 and 1964. Let's see, I picked up the black when she was in drydock in Long Beach,
1963, went on underway training to Pearl, blew a boiler and was on Oahu for close to six
(6) weeks. Our captain was a full captain, but would never make admiral, cool dude. the
xo was a jerk and eventually became captain..........where he slammed us into a dock.
We lost our sonar dome, crashed into the Astabula, went back to Subic Bay, the Turner
Joy relieved us and she was fired on by a gook gunboat. We hit the tailend of a typhoon,
lost our radio masts, could not send or recieve.....all (nearly all) were puking. Those are
just the "highlights", but I had a blast on the ol girl, can't really remember exact details
as to which year, 63 or 64. this all happened, but it was a learning experience. If anyone
remembers me, a tall, skinny Radioman 3rd, e-mail me.;

take care, be cool,

KenBrooks RM3
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