Cookie From 1963-1967

Cookie From 1963-1967

Postby Sad Sack on Thu Jan 10, 2008 9:36 pm

Reporting aboard Black, I was in First Division. Striking for CS and cooking for the crew for most of my time, I made "Third".
It was the "Trip Six", I experienced most events in "three's": Three Typhoons, Three collisions, Three men overboard and Three "West Pacs". Leaving the Black, one day before my 21st birthday, January 23, 1967 I thought that was it for the Navy.
I reenlisted in 1973, resuming my Navy Career in the USS Hull (DD-945). She was a testing plateform for the 8" gun, later to be installed on the "New Spruance Class" destroyers. I seved on mostly small boys (DD's) by choice, but my assignments included minesweepers, cruisers and even commisioned a Hydrofoil (Cooking for a crew of 19 total).
I retired out in 1993, after seeing 4 decades of Navy (60's/70's/80's & 1990's). Uniform changes were many, leaving the "Cracker Jack's" to suit & tie, then back to my beloved "Cracker Jack's". I was nearing my time to retire, when women were reporting aboard ships, let's just say I was happy-that I didn't have to share a ship with women for long! :roll:
I now work for the City of Reno and have 14 years with the city. I will be leaving my city job with 16 years service, in 2010. Health allowing, I will then pull my fith-wheel around to come and "Bug" all my ole' Shipmates! So watch for me to come pulling into your driveway! :D No, I won't torture you with anymore of my cooking.
Your Shipmate Always,
Sad Sack
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Re: Cookie From 1963-1967

Postby IowaMM3 on Thu Jun 12, 2008 10:54 am

I came on board the Black in 1965 highlined of an oiler out of Subic Bay. I was fresh out of MM school in Great Lakes. I remember the typoones and at least one collision with a aircraft carrier while refueling. I got short when the Black was scheduled to head back overseas and served a few months on USS John R. Craig before I got out in October 1967. I never got sick from any of your cooking.
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Re: Cookie From 1963-1967

Postby Schoney on Wed Feb 25, 2009 3:53 pm

My father Pete Schoeneman was a cook aboard the Black around 67. Any chance you knew him or could share any good stories about him? I attended the reunion in Boston a few years ago with him and got an earload from Chris Welch and a few others about all the crazy stunts they used to pull. If anybody else has something to share about pops I'd love to hear about it, so feel free to write me back!
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Re: Cookie From 1963-1967

Postby sutphin0 on Wed Aug 17, 2011 8:39 am

Hello Cookie. I served on the Black 1963-1966. Electronics Technician and made E-5. Now, I hope this wasn't you, but in the aftermath of one of the typhoons, I saw this little cook come out of the galley with a platter full of cooked fish. Now, the ship was covered with salt and flying fish. He slipped and scattered all the food on the deck! He looked around, saw no one was watching (he didn't see me), scooped up all the supper (no telling what else), and headed on to the mess deck. I did not eat that night! No wonder the exit of the mess deck was slippery with vomit, LOL!
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